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Sukha Condos

Starting at: USD $ 135,000


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- Sukha Condos
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- Sukha Condos
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Precio: Starting at: USD $ 135,000
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Tamaño: Pies Cuadrados


Why Tulum?

  • Mexico’s most exclusive International tourist destination.
  • One of the best beaches in the world.
  • Culture, nature, gastronomy, wellness, and fun …
  • One of the fastest growing cities in Mexico.
  • High demand for vacation properties and full-time residences.

Tulum: Trip Advisor ́s Worlds ́ hottest destinations

There are certain places that capture the spirit of a time, a scene, a person you want to be. Of all the beach spots that have turned our heads in the last 20 years, Tulum-Mexico ́s Boho Beach

Sukha in Sanskrit means happiness, pleasure, joy.

Sukha was born from the idea of creating comfortable, open, and functional spaces that connect with nature and provide quality of life and a pleasant experience in the heart of Tulum.

Prime location

  • La Veleta is one of the two areas with the highest growth and real estate value in Tulum.
  • Sukha will be located on the only dead-end street in La Veleta.

Bioclimatic design

  • Integration of vegetation, natural lighting and wind circulation
  • Solar panels for common areas
  • Water treatment plant
  • Majority of the plant life will be preserved and maintained




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